Conversation Cafes


Southern Maine Agency on Aging's Conversation Café is a welcoming place to hold interesting discussions, meet new friends, and celebrate life in general. Join us for laughter and learning as we explore topics that impact us as we age.

The overarching theme for the fall of 2022 topics is issues pertaining to older adults

Schedule of topics by date: November/December 2022 and early January 2023

11/4/22: Scam of the Month: How to stay aware and safe. Look up articles from AARP and local newspapers on the subject. Guest speaker, Mike Moloney. People can also share their experiences

11/11/22 Preventing Falls in Your Home. Discussion on fall prevention; making changes around the house; exercise that are easy to do and help and developing a team to help. Guest speaker Karen Benoit to give some hints from the AMOB class and to promote the AMOB classes and Gentle Exercise class and Tai Chi classes.

11/18/22: How Do You Stretch Your Grocery Budget? Explore and share old time recipes like making stocks and soup. Guest speaker Ashley Perrone to talk about meal offerings through SMAA - Meals on Wheels; Community Café and As You Like . We will provide a list of resources for food assistance. (Meals on Wheels; Food Pantries; Good Shepard Food Bank – Food Map Food Bank Map ; Low Cost Recipes )

11/25/22: What are you Grateful for and how do you express and share your gratitude?

12/2/22: Safe Ways to Keep Yourself and Your Home Comfortable and Warm.Sharing ways people stay warm – blankets; sweaters; pets on the bed; hot water bottles; safe use of space heaters; towels around windows and doors to stop drafts, visiting senior centers and libraries. etc. We will also provide a list of resources for heat assistance. (Windows item that Carol has used; LIHEAP Maine Resource ; York County Community Action Assistance SMAA Resource Page)

12/9/22: How to deal with Inflation and stretching your dollar. Share tips on how to live on a budget during inflationary times. How do we decide what we can do without and what we must prioritize. Provide a list of resources for medical assistance and the resources from previous sessions on Heating assistance and food assistance.

12/16/22: How are you Adapting to Aging? What kind of things are you doing differently; are you speaking up and asking for help when you need it; are you staying social and as physically active as possible?

12/23/22: Memories of Favorite Holidays

12/30/22: How do we give ourselves permission to grieve? Grief happens more than often than when we lose a loved one. It can be losing a pet; losing the ability to do something that used to give us joy; a change in our living circumstances. There can be barriers to grieving: a life of being the strong / stoic one; thinking others have it worse; fear that If I give into grief it will overtake me and I won’t be able to stop. Guest Speaker: Kelly Blancett.

1/6/22: Staying in Your Home and How to Know When It is Time for a Change? What are some housing options as we age? Difference between Congregate Living; Assisted Living and Nursing home. How to get at home care and assistance. What are the signs it may be time to change your living arrangements? What kind of questions to ask when looking for new housing arrangements. How to get assistance with downsizing.