Our leadership team is a diverse group of professionals who bring a variety of talents, experiences, and expertise to the governance of the Southern Maine Agency on Aging.

Management Team
Laurence W. Gross, Chief Executive Officer
Katlyn Blackstone, Chief Program Officer
Randy Davis, Chief Finance Officer/Chief Operating Officer
Kate Putnam, Chief Advancement Officer
Carol Rancourt, Director of Volunteer Services

2017-2018 Board of Directors
Kristine Sullivan, MLIS, President
Mary Jane Krebs, APRN, BC, Vice President
Susan Keiler, Secretary
Thomas Gruber, Jr., Treasurer
Jeffrey Aalberg, MD
Terry Bagley
Stephen Braverman
Denise Doyon
Marie Gerrity
Ann Hastings
John Holland
Jeffrey Holmstrom, DO
David McDonald
Betsy Mead
David Smith

2017-2018 Advisory Council
Robert Dunfey, Chair
Tom Fales, Esq., Vice Chair
Lisa Becker
Paul Doherty, Jr.
Hon. Jill Duson
William Hall
Liz Herold
MaryEllen Joyce
Sherrif William King
Buell Miller, MD
Alan Nichols
Kate Noonan
Misha Pride, Esq.
Carol Schoneberg